Friday, 2 December 2011

December mile

I did it! A December mile. Some people had no doubt that I would but it's not been that easy for me. Thanks to Elizabeth who took some pictures of  me here. The water was hovering around 8ÂșC, not too bad but pretty cold for the almost half hour it takes to swim eighteen lengths. It was my personal goal, a target to reach which as much as anything made me keep my distance up through November. December is always a difficult month for swimming, too much distraction, I'm very busy at work and the party season has already started.

I took pictures on the way! I don't know this swimmers name but he waved at me when took to the depths to get this photo, quite a funny shot don't you think?

With the lido crawl hat I at first thought this was Sue but actually it's Claire, swimming beautifully, I love the perpective along the side of the pool.

Later Sue did swim with me for a couple of lengths before joining Ian in the water. Instead of diving down I took this shot standing in the water. Ian is hiding behind a leaf but you can see he has a really good roll to his stroke. I had a good sauna afterwards and was quite late getting to work. I will reduce my distance now but do my best to help with reaching Latvia.
It seems Carl and Pip egged each other on to great distances yesterday, read about it here. Just for the record I'll not be trying to beat them and won't be swimming in the nude either!
I'm posting this on the Friday because I didn't get time at work yesterday. I went to a party last night and forgot to take my swimming things home from work so no swim this morning but don't worry, I'll be back.


  1. I'm glad you'll be back, as I rarely swim as early as you, and its good to get the early shift gossip!

  2. Well done again for yesterday, Alex .... thanx for explaining why you didn't make it to the Lido this morning ... hoped it didn't have anything to do with having achieved your goal ... despite the threats you voiced (in gist)!