Sunday, 18 December 2011

Snowmen only

Someone decided to give this cubicle door a festive make over. The early morning had been sunny and crisp with a hard frost but by the time I swam it had mostly clouded over. The past couple of evening have left the water at just over 3ÂșC.
The Sunday racers had all left apart from Pip, he told me he'd done four lengths but Carl had done six. Four seemed like the sensible option. I had to delay getting in while Dr Andy made his way down the steps and swam past, I hope I can still swim when I'm his age.
I was puffing slightly as I swam but I felt I had a good rhythm. I find this happens when the water is really cold, breathing in is a gasp so you have to puff the air out. In the end I did six anyway, without having to rush to work I enjoyed a good twenty minute sauna.
I saw Fran again, she told me Alfonso had been on Skype telling her how hot it is on Mexico.

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