Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Currant bun

A stormy dark night, black clouds and rain when I got up. I thought about not swimming this morning. Full wet weather gear on I left the house and the rain stopped, by the time I reached Tooting the clouds had broken and the glow of the sun could be seen.

The water was strangely calm reflecting the trees in the early morning light. Elizabeth and Vince arrived when I did and Kate and Carl were already changing. Expect lots of blogging today from Elizabeth and Carl.

A distant Carl swimming in the leaves. Carl was first in on his way to ten lengths ,we all soon followed. Did the water feel a little warmer than yesterday? After my first two lengths I saw Kate get in, I then swam six more lengths to four of hers. I got out but Kate carried on doing a total of eight as well, but spending much longer in the water than me. We repaired to the sauna to warm up again and gossip.

After sauna and shower I snapped this picture of Ian wetsuited and covering the distance. I changed and chatted with Margy, who'd done her swim but spurns the sauna. Just as I was leaving Carl emerged from his cubicle with a tin of currant buns Kate had made, Elizabeth and I shared one as I rushed off to work. Delicious!


  1. Sorry Carl, I thought Kate was the baker. What fine buns you've got!