Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Back in the water

And what a beautiful morning to choose, a bit windy but the rain had passed and the sun was out over the pool at just after 9 when I got there. No work today so I wasn't in a rush. Great to see the familiar faces again, Nando just leaving having a chat with Ian. Sue just arriving and setting off on a run.

Here comes Hilary! I wasn't sure how far I'd go, I haven't been in the water since last Thursday. I changed and got quickly into the water, 4ÂșC it said on the board but this was from Boxing Day and it's been quite mild since then. It wasn't too bad, Ian, Hilary and another wetsuit were in the water. I did six lengths and thought about doing two more but instead I grabbed the camera to get a couple of shots of Hilary finishing her swim.

Lots of leaves but I like them, gives it that real outdoor feeling. Hopped out of the water and went to the sauna to get warm and have a chat. Gus had cooked Christmas dinner for twenty two! and Ian's daughter is in the ROH production of Die Meistersinger which I'm going to on New Years day. I'll look out for her in At three wearing a green smock and a red hat!

The mild weather allowed the well wrapped coffee drinkers to sit outside and chat while they added up the distance to Latvia, we've done over 900 miles so far.

Giles was adding to this distance with a bit of butterfly, he just looks like a splash in this picture but I liked the sun on the water, it looks like a lake.

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