Monday, 5 December 2011

Feel the drop

Clear and cold, it would be sunny but the sun hasn't got above the tree line yet. We are down to 7ÂșC, this is a new level of cold. I feel alright plunging in, the neoprene cap works it's magic. Fingers soon freeze but it's my armpits that feel really cold, did you ever have frozen armpits?

Michael arrived just before me this morning. He and Vince were in the water when I got in, it was really too cold to stop but I grabbed a couple of pictures while I had the chance.

Vince is a distant blob, I couldn't wait for him to get closer. Sue got in toward the end of my swim and we did a speedy length together, made it twelve lengths in total enough for today. The first ten minutes in the sauna I was still cold, a little bit of a shiver before I felt better again, another ten minutes and I was getting too hot. I doubt I'll do another mile this year.

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  1. never frozen armpits .. but frozen feet and hands .. that's for sure! added your Quick Dip blog onto my "cool websites" and "blogs I follow"! Thanx for reminding me to check out all the option we have on blogger .. not as extensive as Wordpress .. but hey .. good enough for now! Also added "Mr. and Mrs Apes" blog!