Monday, 19 December 2011

Iceberg alert

A cold but beautiful sunrise as I made my way up to the lido. A heavy frost on the common and ice on the lower third of the pool. The sun looked magnificent coming up through the trees. The water was a chilly 2.5ÂșC according to the lifeguards.

After a mishap with my signature trunks (They were still damp) I had to wear the b-team today. Widths in the deep end are permitted when there's ice around, so I changed and made my way up the pool just as Carl, Kate arrived. They had cakes with them for afters, an incentive to get in the water.

Feeling rather cold I told the lifeguard 'I don't want to get in', 'neither do I' he replied. So I plunged in and started to swim. Not too bad really, quite different doing widths, lots of tumble turns. Twelve was enough and then I made my was to the steps and out. Ian was waiting for Pip who was going to show up in ten minutes.

Only Batch in the sauna when I went in but in the next ten minutes it filled up with all the other dippers. I was running late as usual so had my shower and left, once again without time for a cake. Ian was still waiting for Pip, perhaps he cycles the same speed that he swims.


  1. oh...and Kate would have commented too, but it seems you need a blog of some sort to comment on Quick Dip. She says she'll bring you a mini cake hamper later this week.

  2. waited all day for your blog Alex! well worth it - the pics are great -specially the first one - absolutely beautiful!