Thursday, 29 December 2011

Egg nog

Grey damp and cooler today, but that didn't stop Egg from enjoying his very brief dip. Saw David who told me the water temperature is 4ÂșC exactly. The windy weather has blown all the leaves back in the pool and it certainly felt colder than yesterday. I did six lengths but on the fifth I was really glad there was only one more to do.

Taken from the pool side this is Ian getting his training in for Latvia. He usually does a couple of widths without the suit after his sauna. I like the leaf coverage on the surface.

Reaching for the end of the pool. Pictures are coming out a lot better because I'm that much later than on a work day, my camera needs a bit of light.

A game of handball, Vince is covering his face having just served the ball onto the cafe roof. It's alright Jonathan has a spare one and the game continues. Swimming isn't the only sport at the lido.

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