Thursday, 8 December 2011

Great eight

I realised yesterday how good six length was. I felt warm and energetic afterwards, so much better than pushing too much now the water is that much colder. Today would be eight on the eighth, a couple more couldn't do any harm. Not many photo opportunities and at 5.5ÂșC rather too cold to stop. Eight was excellent, followed by a good sauna. A new person called Peter was in the sauna chatting a lo. When Barbera left the door handle fell off! Vince put it back on and John gave it a builderly thump to keep it in place.

Taken pool side this is another John, a bit of a blur but I like his arm and the line which give it a bit of dynamism.

A double image of Alfonso, he arrived a little later than me so we didn't swim together today. I wonder how many lengths he managed?

And the other way. Pip arrived as I was leaving all set to do ten, I'm sure he could do more if he chatted less.

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