Thursday, 15 December 2011

Far and near

A late start, recovering from the night before. The sun coming through once again, the light in the morning has been wonderful this week. Stephanie is leaving but Vince, Hilary, Sue and Batch are all about to swim.

Hilary a blur in the distance, beyond the dead leaves and twigs. The water has dropped a bit more, just over 4ÂșC according to David.

Vince in extreme close up. In fact you can just glimpse Hilary on the left as well. I set my goal of six, not easy, I'm tired. Rush from the pool to the sauna, Elizabeth is in there along with everyone else, She kindly gave me her place on the top shelf to thaw out.
Showered and changed the sun now bright above the trees I saw Nando and Carl arrive before I left.

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