Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Frozen planet

I was watching the David Attenborough series last night, I didn't expect to wake up to a mini version of it in London. The first heavy frost and another clear skied morning with the sun inching slowly above the trees. The temperature on the board said 6ºC, I thought it must be a mistake, it can't have gone down 1ºC in a day.

The leaves in the gutter were frosted and wet foot prints were turning icy beside the pool. Carl is away but Kate was early visitor again, I saw her taking my picture as I got in and started swimming, perhaps she will post it here later. Of course it was cold but it didn't really feel much different to yesterday, too cold to stop for pictures but I saw Elizabeth doing her thorough documentation of the days activities which I'm sure she will post here. The water felt heavy, the first two are hard, the up to four isn't much fun then I start to get a rhythm, six, eight, ten, my hands are numb but make good paddles. Sue and Ian set off too far in front of me, I can't catch them but try, the black lines come into view, nearly done now, twelve. I touch the end of the pool, the steel rail is freezing, too cold to pull myself onto the side so I take the steps and dash to the sauna.

A good twenty minutes sauna, I found out a lot of people have eaten curry for breakfast (not today though) but only David has had lettuce and jam sandwiches. Kate has baked a cake but I won't have time to try it. Shower, change, David takes the temperature, it really is 6ºC.

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