Friday, 16 December 2011

Through wind and rain and snow

A dark black sky, rain then sleet and snow. It was hard just getting to the lido through the weather. It wasn't icy but the wind was bitter and the idea of getting in the water wasn't very appealing. Why do I do this? I was thinking as I walked down the side of the pool. Vince and Elizabeth were also contemplating the prospect.

I couldn't hang around, the air was colder than the water which was just under 4ºC. Quick change and get in, the water thick, the sleet still falling. Elizabeth took some pictures here, thanks! Six lengths was plenty then into the sauna. Although the water is very cold I'm not in it that lon, perhaps nine minutes. The sauna soon warms you through. It's when the water is at 10ºC and you swim a mile that the cold goes to your core.

Elizabeth swimming a width after her sauna, something I never want to try. The sauna had been busy. Panto King Chris swam for the first time in a while, four lengths which was impressive. The weather hadn't got any better but it was time to go to work.

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  1. no photo of your trunks today .. no door either ... If I hadn't seen you swim I could have been forgiven for thinking you never got changed let alone in ... :)