Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Six of the best

Late. Chain came off my bike. Sun a bit higher, not quite so cold the wind picking up a bit. I set my sights on six today, that'll give me sauna time to spare. Wait for a width swimmer to clear my path before I launch myself into the water, is it colder? I don't think so.

Elizabeth and Ian racing toward me, if I'd been a bit earlier you might have seen more of Elizabeth but you only get one chance in the water and I couldn't hang around.

Diving down I take a picture of Sue, her arm a blur as it moves through the water, the wind had blown a lot of leaves into the pool. Turning around I stayed under to catch Ian again.

I like the way the steps reflect upon the surface. I kept to plan and finished the six, it makes such a difference to half the distance. Within about five minutes I was too hot in the sauna and had to move down a level.

As I changed I watch the lifeguards get out a long net, what or who were they hoping to catch? The water was empty as they dragged it the length of the pool removing the majority of the leaves. The wind was still blowing so they might have to do a few more passes, it's hard work being a lifeguard.

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  1. Thanks for the pics Alex. Note to self; stretch out more & keep the elbow higher!