Wednesday, 14 December 2011

There and back again

Overcast, the moon still shining low in the sky as I left home. The wind had dropped and it wasn't frosty. Entering the lido is like sneaking into another world, it was calm, quiet, the light seemed brighter. Michael was just setting off on his swim, he starts at the steps nearest his locker, swims to the deep end, returns to the shallow end then back to the steps.

Breaststroke down the pool, getting a picture is hard when you can't see what you're picturing. Crawl on the way back up, I love the glassy sheen to the water with leaves dotted all over it.

I then got in and did eight, the water was heavy. Ian started at the same time as me in wetsuit and boots. I think the boots slowed him down, I expected him to cruise up to me as a pace setter but I left him behind. He doesn't like to tumble turn in his wetsuit because water goes down the neck.
The sauna subject was your strangest relative, if you don't have one it must be you!

1 comment:

  1. Strange how not wanting ice cold water poured down your neck sounds quite reasonable in the real world.

    Reading about it here, it is clearly absurd . Starting from tomorrow, the tumble is back .... but the boots stay!