Monday, 29 October 2012


Tricky was in the water when I arrived. I changed quickly and got in, i wanted to get a shot before he got out. The water has taken a real dip in temperature, around 9ºC according to David. As it was Tricky stayed in for ages, I had finished my twelve lengths and he was still going, he eventually did eighteen lengths.
He had thought the sauna was on (I think it was on Sunday) but it wasn't, then after Sue chatted to the lifeguards it was! By this point I had changed anyway, will it be on tomorrow? who knows?

At last, Chris has a new hat. very pink it is too, my camera seemed to think I was taking a picture of a flower. I don't have an 'actor' setting. With the clocks having gone back there was much more light this morning despite it being somewhat overcast.

'So how do you make a Swiss Roll?' Kate was about to tell me before she realised I was joking. She's memorizing the recipies in her bid to reach the Great British Bake Off. This one was certainly a winner!

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