Monday, 1 October 2012

First winter mile

It's the first day of the winter season. It feels so different, bringing my bike through the top gate and parking it under the shelter. We have to sign in, no one to check the passes. The usual names are already here, some have gone already and a few are in the water.

It's still rather gloomy and the drizzle hasn't stopped. I know almost everyone I see at this time of year, at least by sight if not name. This is when the SLSC becomes a club again.

Carl is powering up and down the pool, I'm not sure how far he went but I expect it was a fair way. I was doing my best to catch up with him but he got out before I had the chance. Kate had made a delicious cake for after swimming, beautifully light with a dusting of icing sugar - Thanks!

I think Hilary tries to avoid me in the water. She swims well and with style. Sue and Chris were swimming together, Elizabeth was in a wetsuit, David swam in a circle, I saw Johnathan, Sue B, Vince and many more. I did an eighteen length swim, the water was 12ºC, a five degree drop on this time last year.


  1. I thought you were! Nice pic. I did a mile, as we had to get away. Glad you liked the cake. She's bringing a chocolate one tomorrow!

  2. I'll try and catch you in the morning then. If I fail again I can always console myself with another piece of cake!

  3. oh so that's what makes you both so hardy .. THE cake! no surprise really! as for your comment of me "flying along" .. I only wish! wetsuit, yes because I just want to swim more than the 8 lengths which is all I can manage without at this temperature ... but I do feel very restricted in it and taking it off after 10lengths and swimming another couple was a real delight! the real bonus: no shivers! great pix of all !