Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cold & clear

A Sunday swim was in order. A clear cold night had given way to a beautiful sunny morning. The races were well past and most of the regulars had gone by the time I arrived. Alfonso and Pip were still chatting and Kate let me take a slice of her most excellent cake before she left. The given temperature from the lifeguards was 10.8ºC although rumour had it it was under 10ºC.

Suffice to say people were not staying in the water very long. The water itself was crystal clear, the light dancing through it in lazy waves. I wasn't sure how far I'd manage but it was eighteen lengths again with my prize being the slice of cake.

All three pictures today are of Chris, who will attempt the channel next year. He did a few 'sprint' lengths alongside me and was afterwards timing his swim. Two lengths in three minutes, resting during the undercut. He went on to do a mammoth thirty six lengths! I drank coffee, ate cake and wondered how long before the sauna goes on?

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