Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pumpkin & Egg

When Nick bought a pumpkin to the Lido this morning I wonder what he thought would happen to it? Egg gladly accepted it so I ask if I could take a picture of him holding it. 'I'll jump in with it' he suggested. Erm? Okay? And there he goes...

Just for good measure he did a second pumpkin leap. In case anyone was wondering pumpkins do float which was just as well given the size of it. A beautiful sunny morning for swimming (and jumping about with a pumpkin) the water is still around 12ºC.

Dan was swimming this morning with a friend (in a wetsuit) called Mark. The water not very clear I'm afraid.

Dan spotted me lying on the bottom of the pool and dived down to prove you can smile underwater!

A slightly better shot of Dan in action, he uses his whole body to swim, the roll going from his shoulder to his legs. Like all good swimmers he makes it look effortless and causes not a bubble on the way.
I swam another 18 lengths this morning.

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