Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Self timer

An early start today, the water was almost empty of people but a lot of leaves had blown in overnight. Tricky had just finished swimming and Carl was already changing. I'd have to swim alone.

The leaves are alive in the water. It's difficult to describe how they move, like a shoal of fish, turning and catching the light as you swim through them.

Although the air was milder than yeasterday I was only planing a twelve length swim because I needed to get into town.

Due to lack of other swimmers I decided to play about with the timer function on my camera to try and get some aquatic self portraits.

There's a ten second countdown, the last five indicated by the LED lights on the front of the camera.

I then did my best to swim in front of the lens with varying results as you can see.

I quite like the random nature of the framing, it's difficult to judge when to swim. Even with the cloud cover I'm silhouetted against the sky.

This last shot was me explaining to Elizabeth who had just arrived what I had been doing. It must have looked quite strange me trying to swim over the same spot again and again in an empty pool.

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