Thursday, 11 October 2012

Race & dive

Not quite such a sunny morning, water cool and heavy. Pip was already doing lengths when I got in.

After about ten lengths Ian got in in his wetsuit and joined me. He's very quick and although I I tried to keep my pace even I could feel us speeding up and my arms getting tired. Luckily he stopped after eight to take the wetsuit off, I then had time to get this picture above.

Alfonso was getting in as I got out. He did the Hampton Court swim last Sunday, 2.25 miles with the tide on the Thames, he did it in about 37:00 minutes!

With that speed no wonder I couldn't catch a decent picture of him this morning.

Elizabeth was also about to get in so I asked if she would dive. 'Only once' she said and we went up to the deep end, She ran and leaped, I think I pushed the shutter a little too soon.

Sangeeta was also about to dive in as I left. 'Can I take a picture of your dive' I asked. 'What if I muck it up?' she replied. I told her not to worry, a very different style to Elizabeth.


  1. yes Alex a fraction too soon on my dive - trigger happy! some great shots today and yesterday! now on to fort knoxx security to prove that I am not a robbbbbottt!

  2. You are very kind about my speed Alex. In reality, I was having to sprint to keep up and by the last 2 lengths had abandoned my bilateral breathing...a sure sign that I'm knackered!