Monday, 8 October 2012

Murky depths

What's that lurking in the murky depths? The hoover was out for the first time in ages. I got snagged in it's hose before I realised it was there. I like the shadowy swimmer crossing the image.

This I think is the same guy. He was doing timed lengths with a friend, they would stop and count off the seconds before rushing back to the other end. You can see how dirty the water and the bottom of the pool is right now.

Swimmer two was struggling a bit more with the timing, he hardly reached the end before ahving to dash off again. The drizzle changed to rain as I started to swim but the air wasn't too cold.

This could only be Fred. He did the Dart 10K a few weeks back. I haven't had a chance to ask him how it went. I did an eighteen length swim, I don't know the temperature because David is away this week but I'd guess it's still around 12ºC.

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