Friday, 5 October 2012

Leaves & light

It felt even more autumnal this morning, the sun was low and bright but over night rain and wind had scattered fallen leaves over the water surface. I love swimming through them, getting them stuck to my goggles and feeling them scratch my back as I glide through the water.

 Vince has taken to wearing a wetsuit as well. It allows him to do more lengths than without, although he does a few non wetsuit length at the end of his swim just like Elizabeth, is this a new trend? The pool was fairly empty this morning, I raced a good length with Angus before he fell away and went on to do twelve in total.

The low bright light looked very cinematic. The water felt a bit colder today but I am rather tired. David confirmed it was just under 12ºC, he's worried about what it'll be in a weeks time when he comes back from Croatia.

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