Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Swimming alone

The pool seems emptier each morning, just Michael swimming up and down when I got in. He did breaststroke, crawl and butterfly all in the space of two lengths before leaving me alone in the water.

The sun was fighting to get through the clouds. The water felt heavy and slow, perhaps because I swam closer to the edge? It was still 12ºC according to the lifeguards.

Just as I was about to get out I was joined by a pair of wetsuits. Elizabeth and Ian both pushing off from the edge of the pool.

I got one more shot of them with synchronised stroke before I had to get out. Eighteen lengths again today.

The sun was beginning to shine as I changed. Nick waved as he cycled down the waters edge.

Elizabeth dumped her wetsuit for a few more lengths.

As I was leaving Tom, Chris, Sue, Ian (without wetsuit) and Pip were all swimming a length together.

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