Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carl & Simon

The sun rose slowly across the lido. It broke through the trees illuminating the locker doors which cast long colourful reflections on the still water. Gradually the light made it's way down the side of the pool and into the water. The water was clearer today as well, a good morning for pictures.

Carl had arrived shortly after me but was waiting for Simon before he got in. Charlotte played her euphonium and eventually Simon arrived. The light not fully acorss the water yet.

Both great swimmers it's intresting to note their differing styles. Carl looks more relaxed but hangs quite low in the water, Simon has a much bigger kick and seems more bouyant.

Almost the same as above, I pictured them each time we passed for my last few lengths.

Turning around I also caught Chris, Sue and Ian off on their swim. Although it was sunny the air was cool and I'm beginning to doubt the 12ºC water temperature posted by the lifeguards.

On my final length Simon had broken away from Carl, they weren't exactly racing though. I was getting cold and eighteen lengths was enough for me.

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