Friday, 12 October 2012

Batch & plunge

Not the sunniest of mornings. I arrived to have a chat with Stephanie who had swam some thirty lengths! Also just out of the water was a chap who swam the channel on Sunday, he said he was having a 'swim down'. He had enjoyed using the lido for training because it was colder than the sea.

I had all but finished my swim when Batch joined Elizabeth for a couple of lengths. Not sure what your leg is doing Elizabeth?

After snapping them I raced up the pool to catch their tumble turns! It didn't quite happen but I like all the limbs.

Batch said I was putting him off by lying on the bottom of the pool in wait. It made him smile though.

Sue was setting off with a lovely glide at the same time, a nice surface reflection despite the lack of light.

I then waited underwater for Elizabeth to dive in, we had to try it twice to get the shot. By this point we were all getting cold, I had done eighteen lengths at around 12ºC.

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