Sunday, 30 September 2012

A bigger splash

I just got back from a week in Spain with good friends. An excellent time was had by all despite the weather. It hadn't rained in the area since april and they've had their hottest summer in seventy years. We had four days of rain which threatened to over flow the tiny pool in the back garden.

It was still warm enough for us to swim, I could manage four lengths underwater of the oversized bath tub but it was good fun. I wish I'd remembered a pair of goggles though. Apart from the water and trips to Cordoba and Almodovar del Rio we ate, drank and played cards.

I set the self timer to get this shot of me diving into the water, I'm really pleased with it. It did take several goes and helped empty out the over full pool.

This too was taken on self timer. I got quite cold with all the splashing about despite the water being about 20ÂșC. Winter season starts at the Lido tomorrow, I bet the water there is much cooler. It does mean I can start the daily blog again though.

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