Monday, 5 November 2012

A week later...

It's been a week since my last update. It's a myth cold water swimmers don't get colds, although that was the worst I've had in a few years. What a beautiful morning to come back to the lido, still and clear, the water was 7.5ºC.

It was of course also rather cold, thankfully the sauna was on though. Vince arrived at the same time as me, without his suit he was going to swim four lengths. The water felt solid, after the initial shock it was great to be back in.

 Vince wades through the water slick with leaves, the weekends rain and wind had once again flled the pool, one of the joys of autumn. Vince nipped off to the sauna and I carried on. I did ten lengths in total in around fifteen minutes before seeking out the sauna myself.

The sauna soon filled up with the other morning dippers. Alison, Carl, Sue R, Sue B, Nando, Nick and Elizabeth amongst others. Where was Kate? Carl told me she was doing twelve lengths, this takes her about thirty minutes! Having showered and changed I got this picture of her reaching the end of the pool but she hadn't finished yet. Endurance award goes to Kate.

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