Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lucky 7ºC

The first proper frost, the common was white, puddles were frozen and the leaves around the pool were still crisp when I arrived.

The water is still and heavy as it cools down. Pip reflected on the undersurface, the lifeguards had cleared most of yesterdays leaves.

Carl smiles as he almost runs me over. He started a length ahead of me and I was doing my best to catch him up.

The sun reached the water and I almost caught Carl by the end of my twelth length. I had to get out but he carried on to eighteen.

A good long sauna and then Elizabeth said she was going to dive in. I cropped into this image of her diving over the cafe.

On a second attempt I waited a bit too long and caught her between air and water.

It was 7ºC on David's thermometer, much colder than this time last year.

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  1. love the photos of the frost & Elizabeth's impressive 'cafe dive'