Monday, 12 November 2012

No sauna!

'The sauna isn't on yet' were not the most welcoming words on a dull grey Monday morning. How far should I swim? Will I get too cold? I'm already reliant on the sauna to warm up after my swim after just a couple of weeks.

After much dithering I got in and swam, the water clear and beautiful if slightly chilly. Sue R was also doing lengths. I did six in the end, half distance compared to last week.

Vince is sans wetsuit on a Monday, I bet he wishes he'd bought it given the sauna situation. Anthony arrived with the key, the sauna went on at about 8:15 but takes an hour to get properly hot.

Kate had made another amazing cake. A Savoy Gateau, it looked delicious but I had to rush off to work before I could try it.


  1. So sorry you didn't get a piece Alex. I'm baking again tomorrow but it's not very "breakfasty". Perhaps bring a small pot to transport one to work to have with coffee! Hazelnut meringues with chocolate cream filling and a hazelnut praline (if all goes well!)

  2. Sounds messy but sounds delicioius. Cake this morning looked lovely but after waiting so long before I got in the water I was getting late so had to dash