Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In like a lion

March comes in like a lion, or a strange yellow crab. This is the pool hoover doing a wonderful job clearing up all the leaves. The cold north wind was still blowing this morning, I think it was colder out of the water than in. I did eight lengths, stopping to picture the hoover and then on length six my hat and goggles came off again. It was quite difficult to put them on again in the water and I got quite cold trying to do so, perhaps I need a hat with a strap? I think the temperature is about 6ÂșC.


  1. more like 5Celsius according to David .. and who would argue with Mr. Thermometer?! a SLSC Cold water Champs caps would do it .. but again there are no orange ones :) .. only blue, red, green, yellow ... and gold!

  2. Alternating doors are great - how about alternating trunks?!

  3. I think the SLSC should have some branded trunks matching the four door colours, I'd buy a pair (or four).