Monday, 21 March 2011

Day dreamer

Elizabeth was swimming head down unaware I had stopped to take a picture, she said it gave her a start when she first saw my leg at the bottom of the pool. There were lots of early swimmers today, Pip and Vince were in the water at the same time as Elizabeth and I, for the first time this year I had to watch where I was going.
David made the temperature 7ÂșC and I did twelve lengths again followed by a long sauna, will I do a mile before march is out?


  1. hi Alex,yes you did startle me when taking that photo but it was worth it: I love that shot! I love it when I get swimmers at tat very moment and now you've taken one of me - thanx! the phase just as I'm reaching into the water with my right hand while my left arm has begun the under water pull .. well, an attempt of a pull!? I'm toooo slow... have you checked out your shot on ?!

  2. I love the head on picture, I'm like a knife through cold butter!