Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Misty waters

You've got to be quick to get a picture in the water, Elizabeth was already swimming past by the time I took this shot. She did a much better job of getting pictures of me at her blog. It was a misty damp morning and the Lido didn't look so inviting after all our recent sunny days, I felt the temperature had gone up a bit I guess about 7ÂșC. I did ten lengths. I wore a swimtrek hat today and had no headware problems, so I'll stick to that for now.

My back is still giving me some problems. I saw the physio yesterday who did some ultrasound on it and explained what's wrong with it, the bad news is that my swimming position isn't helping, the curve of my back in the water is pinching on the lumber discs, fine when I'm swimming but when I stop it gives me pain. Difficult to get out of the pool and put on my flip flops, Sue thought I had overdone it in the water because I was hobbling to the sauna.

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