Monday, 28 March 2011

Time travel

The clocks sprung forward by an hour on Sunday night and it was hard to get up this morning, the dull grey weather meant I had to turn the lights on and when I got to the pool the water looked lifeless and uninviting.
Fernando, Chris and Tricky were being filmed by a Brazillian TV crew ahead of their Rio trip, it seemed to involve a lot of standing around in the water getting cold. They had been at the Lido since 7am.
I slipped into the water out of camera shot and got to swimming, it was surprisingly nice. The 10ºC given seems real and it was easy to do eighteen lengths which I followed by a twenty minute sauna making me a bit late to leave for work. Elizabeth was only just arriving as I left, had she not changed her watch? Fazlar was back from India, didn't see him swim but he looked very cold afterwards.
I forgot to put the battery in my camera so no new pictures today.


  1. Alex - it's lovely at ten isn't it? You feel the cold, but don't seem to get cold. Carl and I did another 2k, and have Thursday pencilled in for our March 3k swim. Good to see you in the flesh (so to speak) the other day.

  2. Hey Alex .. no I didn't forget to switch the clocks forward .. besides they went forward the night from saturday to sunday ... and not yesterday to today .. I was later then I wanted to be because I had to wait for the builder ...and I could only rush my swim .. no sauna as I had to be back just after 10am- no time for blog nor boo .. sad, that's a first - I was hoping you took some shots today as I missed all the tv action ... I haven't forgotten a battery yet .. but SD card - frustrating - u could have taken shots with your iphone though :) good luck for the 3K in march Carl!

  3. And you'd never guess that the pool is one degree warmer than this time last year!

  4. Ha ha - Elizabeth, I didn't really think you overslept. Hope the building work gets sorted out.

    Carl, Good luck for the 3K - I should try a 2K, I'm sure I could do it if I had the time. What time will you be down on Thursday?
    I started swimming last year in March. I think it just hit 10ºC then went down again for a while, I remember it feeling really cold.