Sunday, 13 March 2011

Later swim

I got to the pool just before 11am, much later than usual and everyone was just leaving. Alfonso, Margy and Sue were all on their way out. There was just a lone wetsuited swimmer in the water when I got in, I hope she doesn't mind the picture.

A second swimmer got in for a couple of lengths, I've seen him before but don't know his name. A few more swimmers appeared, a girl who is going to attempt the channel this summer, she stood on the steps for ages not wanting to get in.

The aqua hoover was trundling around the bottom of the pool, the water seemed a bit cloudy today but the temperature was 7ÂșC. I saw Carl wave at me, he had been in already training with Carl. Before I knew it I had done twelve lengths. It's funny the difference a few degrees make, I wasn't cold in the water, my hands and legs didn't go numb but the extra time spent made me shiver for five minutes in the sauna before I warmed through again.

After my sauna it was raining, I saw Ivan looking out of his changing cubicle on the far side of the pool then he came out did his press ups before getting into the water and serenely swimming his widths in the pouring rain.

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