Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rusty pipes

They were working on the filtration system this morning, suddenly a stream of cloudy water was billowing into the pool.

Visability went down to virtually zero.  'It's only rust from the pipes' brian told us.

In clearer water I attempted the head on shot again, not quite getting it.

Sue has a good roll.

Pip is dissapearing

Johathan too.

I swam twelve lengths today with the water at 10ÂșC, very comfortable. After the sauna Elizabeth usually has a plunge back into the pool, I asked her to dive and got this midair shot.

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  1. they are up - your pix are up - great! I checked a few times as I put a link to your site on my blog. you must have been busy at work :) Glad, I wasn't in the water when all that "rust" (really?) came out :) made for strange shots - thanx for posting my dive - well caught! your lens must have either had a drop of water just in the middle of the lens or maybe it fogged up a touch for the diving shot ...surely not rust:)