Monday, 28 February 2011

Hats off to February

Not the most inviting looking morning, a cold northerly wind blowing with cold rain showers. Yesterday I swam 2.5 Km in the 50 metre pool at Crystal Palace and my right shoulder was a bit achey. The water temperature has gone down just a bit, around 6.5ºC. I wasn't sure how far I'd swim after Fridays ten lengths, I got in the water, it wasn't too bad, nice to be out of the wind. Swimming was alright until length number eight, my hats rode up pulling my goggles off, I was too cold to put them back on again so I walked the last fifteen yards to the steps and got out.

Some February stats:
The temperature ranged from 2ºC to 7ºC
I swam a total of 106 lengths and four widths
Which is 10732 yards, about 6 miles or 9.75 Km
I did 19 seperate swims
Longest single swim ten lengths
Out of eleven recorded door colours, four green, three yellow and two each red and blue.