Friday, 25 February 2011

Perfect 10

Tricky was already in the water when I reached the Lido, I wanted to get a picture of him so I changed quickly and jumped in. I only took one shot but I think it was worth the rush. The water temperature had risen again, 6.5ºC sounded good but the heavy grey clouds didn't make it seem as inviting as yesterday. Ten length was my aim and I wondered if I could make it, the water isn't exactly hot. Of course I could, I came out of the water bright pink and rushed to the sauna. I wish I'd timed myself, I must have been in the water at least fifteen minutes. I think it's supposed to get colder over the next few days so that might be my February high.

Only ten lengths? asked Nick, he assured me he'd done eleven and Johnathan said he'd lost count of how many he did. They must have swam very quickly because they can't have been in the water more than five minutes.


  1. well done Alex! and what a lovely shot of Tricky! the 2 Carls came after you - they did 12 each - as for Mike Oregon .. not sure as I left before he got in the pol - mind you we ended up chatting for over 2 hours!not quite sure how that came about! it was 11.45am when I left the lido and he was going to get in ... well, the day before he stayed in the pool 41.5 min. (22 lengths) wonder what he did today?!by the way the temperature was 45 F = 7.2 Celsius (average of 3 thermometers Mike had to measure the water!)

  2. Even at 7.2ºC ten was plenty. I've no idea how Mike can stay in so long.

  3. Mike has just sent me an e-mail :"50.5 min, 26 lengths ... mike" not sure HOW he does it!!??!! and he loves swimming by himself ..!