Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Surprise ice

As I cycled to the Lido this morning I thought the weather seemed just that bit more mild than yesterday, there was no cold wind and the sun was trying to shine through the thin cloud.
I knew the water would still be cold, I wondered why Ivan was getting in to the deep end of the pool.

Surprise ice was the answer, the lower third of the pool had a thin layer covering it. It made a beautiful sound like thousands of tiny metallic bells as the water moved underneath.

The pool looked beautiful and still covered in a transparent lacework of crystals, quite magical. I changed and went to the deep end to swim widths, Brian said the water there was still 2ÂșC. I swam four, I didn't feel as cold as yesterday but worried that my arms were getting numb and I might not be able to pull myself out of the water if I did anymore.

Sue and Chris did their synchronised widths, after four Sue said shall we do two more and before Chris could barely answer they were off to make the total six.

Elizabeth was doing her swim as I got changed, I rushed out of the changing room half dressed to get a picture as she reached the side, but instead of stopping she tumble turned in front of me and I got this picture of her back and a stream of bubbles.

At work I sit beside a glass wall that backs on to the main atrium, the wall is covered with famous faces to give us some privacy. I hung my damp swimming things to dry on the rail by our coat rack, later when I was in the atrium I took this picture on my phone.

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  1. hey Mr. Bubbles I still can't figure out what part of me is in the shot?! Love your arty shot of face and wet swimming trunks! hang on a minute I just took another look at my tumble turn .. well more to the point, I had to study it!! and I can now see that it is my back just starting the tumble turn ... very funny - no head! and a lovely reflexion!