Monday, 31 January 2011

Are you being artistic?

Are you being artistic? That was what Lifeguard Brian asked me this morning when he saw me taking pictures of the bubbles formed by the water jets in the shallow end of the pool.
It was 2ºC in the water today I was told, having done a couple of lengths I could well believe it. It took a good 10 minutes to get warm again in the sauna. I missed most of the other swimmers today so took a few arty shots instead.

The aerator looks like an art deco wedding cake with water is cascading down down each pale blue tier. This oygenates the water which helps keep it clean.

Some January stats:
The temperature ranged from 2ºC to 5ºC
I swam a total of 10 lengths and five widths
Which is 1165 yards, about 0.6 miles or 1 Km
I did 9 seperate swims
Longest single swim two lengths

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