Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Double distance

I doubled my distance this morning, two widths! It was difficult coming back on the second leg, my head was aching and my arms felt heavy. Although its still 5ÂșC the water feels viscous like it's thinking about turning into ice again. The picture above is Johnathan, after his exercises he did a couple of widths, freestyle going and breaststroke coming back, the wide angle was just big enough to capture his arm span.

Not a splash as Elizabeth slips under the water to start her two lengths. I also saw Batch, Nick and Chris today so that's most of the regular crowd. It seems to be getting colder this evening I expect the water temperature to drop by tomorrow.


  1. Alex - good on yer. it must be hard coming back from warm weather to the Baltic embrace of the lido. Only a month ago I was shocked at how I could only do two widths.

  2. I love the photo of Jonathan, in particular the reflection of the doors in the background. great!