Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Head Swim

After watching Mike from Oregon do ten lengths yesterday it made me think. The cold water challenge is really in your head, acclimatisation helps your body prepare for the icy immersion but you still feel cold. With that in mind I set off on a cautious two length swim at about 4ºC, I still huff and puff with a two stroke breathing pattern but I was able to finish and felt no colder than if I'd done one length. The air temperature was marginally more mild today which helped.
After Novembers fainters I'm being quite careful and my recovery rate is much quicker than when I've done a longer swim say eleven lengths at 10ºC, where I don't feel so cold in the water but take much longer to get warm again.
The picture above is Elizabeth (almost submerged) who has been doing two lengths for a while now, I hope I can keep this rate up the weather is supposed to getting colder again toward the week end.

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