Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cold sweat

It felt colder again, six lengths was plenty David took the temperature and it was down to about 5ºC. Grey and cloudy it wasn't too inviting, I have to remember it is still February.
We had an unpleasant chat about how dirty the water gets in the summer, not just sun cream and sweat but how many people pee in the pool? If you thought about it too much you wouldn't get in.

A green door again.


  1. Alex - great progress from two widths to six lengths! Funny how quickly you get acclimatised. I've not been for a while, but will get in on Friday, after an absence of more than a week. Yikes.

  2. Even went as far as eight lengths when it was above 6ºC but dropped back after getting the shivers last Sunday. Looks set to get warmer again as the week goes on, if you're early enough see you on Friday.

  3. hey Alex still no green door .. I looked at all your door shots :)

  4. That is a green door above. Margy chose the shade as an English sort of green, which means it's very grey.