Monday, 7 February 2011

Third time lucky

A windy cycle ride to the lido but the temperature has stayed up despite the dark grey morning. I swam four lengths again and feel I can do more, twenty minutes in the sauna was too long and I was glad to get out. After I showered and changed I realised I hadn't taken any pictures, Elizabeth fresh from the sauna was about to plunge back into the pool.

One, two, three... I missed. Being a good sport Elizabeth said she'd do another plunge.

One , two, three... I missed again, there was too much lag in between pressing the button and the picture being taken. Elizabeth told me I needed to half depress the button to focus before she jumped and then click it to get the picture, she would do one more plunge.

Bingo! Third time lucky. Thanks Elizabeth it must have been quite chilly jumping in and out of the water. You can read how she felt about her multiple plunging here.

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