Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Alfonso challenge

When I got to the pool this morning I saw Alfonso had signed in, had he swam already? how far was he going? I love to swim with Alfonso, we are the perfect speed match. He had already changed and was about to get in, how far are you going? I asked. Just one he replied, I told him I was doing at least four.

He swam off and went on to do six lengths, very impressive when he's not been in the water for a week and it's still only 5.5ÂșC. I have been doing six a day this week but Alfonso had thrown down the gauntlet so I made it eight today, I felt fine afterwards, hot after ten minutes sauna.

I love this image is Vince who was swimming beside the wall, you can see the whole pool.

Of course I used a yellow locker today!


  1. well done for your eight lengths today ... and funny how you said the water felt warmer to you today .. when we all felt it was colder .. actually it was just like yesterday, 5.5 Celsius- just goes to show that it's all in the mind and so dependent on how we feel - you obviously had an additional incentive ... so it had better feel warmer to you!

  2. I hope Alfonso doesn't show up and swim eight on Friday, I'm not ready to do ten yet. When I was getting changed I could hear Chris telling Margy about why I did eight, What a tell-tale! I bet he was like that in school.