Sunday, 7 November 2010


A racing start.

Coming in full force.

Jim reaches for the bar.

It was the SLSC Vs SERPS gala this morning, the Serpentine swimmers out classed us at most events. We should have realised from their coordinated club trunks that they were taking this seriously. It was good fun and I swam in two events, the freestyle leg of a medley relay and a freestyle race. The water is still at about 12ÂșC but the air was much colder, I was hardly in the water for more than three minutes but waiting between races my feet began to freeze, I wish I'd taken some flip flops. Music played and there was table groaning under the huge amount of food available. After the races the sun came out and the water looked lovely, for a split second I thought about getting back in before I came to my senses and made my way back home.

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