Thursday, 11 November 2010

Gusty and gloomy

The few remaining leaves had been blown in a line up the right side of the pool

The tint on my new reflective goggles added to the gloom

My flip flop was blown into the corner of the pool.

Although the air was milder it was a dark stormy morning. The water is now at 9ÂșC and starting to feel really cold. I was trying out a new pair of reflective goggles ready for Egypt next week, their tint only added to the underwater gloom. They kept on fogging as well which never happens with my other goggles. I swam for about nine minutes the only person in the water then decided to get out, one of my flip flops had been blown into the pool and I had to fish it out of the collected leaves in the corner. A shorter swim meant I warmed up quite quickly.

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