Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Open doors

Autumn colours at Tooting

The picture above was taken on my phone and mailed directly on to the blog an instant way to update which I think is pretty cool, pity the phone isn't waterproof.

Suspended leaves

Another mild and grey morning was brightened up by the amount of leaves that had fallen over night. As you swim through them some stick to you and others scratch but it isn't unpleasant, just part of the changing season.

Hand first, elbow high

I like this shot of Elizabeth, one hand pulling at the water as the other dives in elbow held high.

Headless swimmer

Not sure of this man's name, I raced him for a length and then turned to take a picture. 

Water was still 11ÂșC and swam fourteen lengths.


  1. Nice underwater pics. I too loved swimming through the leaves today. And seeing them suspended in the water.

  2. Great shots Alex.. interesting to see pictures of me ... I'm sure you must be pleased with your camera .. it takes lovely shots -crisper than on day 1!is it purely because there is m ore available light... or did you change the settings on the camera?