Sunday, 21 November 2010

Back home

It could only be Fazlar

8ÂșC said the sign at the entrance to the Lido, I really wasn't sure if I'd get in or not. It was about midday by the time I arrived so not many of the regulars I knew were around. Then I saw that the sauna had been re-opened, hurrah! Fazlar was in the water, he seemed to do about two thirds of length before turning around and coming back out. I took this picture on my old Canon with an underwater body on it, It's much bulkier than the Pentax and the screen is very small but at least it works.
I decided to do two widths to see what it was like - cold was the unsurprising answer, but not too cold. I saw Vince arrive and then I did a couple of lengths and being sensible got out and went to the sauna which housed a small crowd of friendly chatter. I warmed up quite quickly without any shivers, this is good news and I hope I can build up a bit longer in the water over the week.

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