Thursday, 4 November 2010

Even warmer

Elizabeth brought her camera to the lido today.

Take a big breath.

And take a photograph.

The water was 12ÂșC today and I did eighteen lengths. Ten of them racing Alfonso which was fun. The sun came out just as I was finishing my swim but my battery was flat by then so no more pictures. I spent only about five minutes in the sauna because I was getting a bit late for work. It looks like it'll cool down at the week end.


  1. Alex - seems, listening to Elizabeth's blog, the SLSC Committee have decided to close the sauna for two weeks because people were using it to warm up after swimming in cold water! They felt people were over-extending themselves, and because ambulances have been called for four incidents, they thought that they'd close it for two weeks while we get used to cold water swimming without a sauna. This begs several questions -

    1. Given that only one of the faintings, as I understand it, came after someone had been in the sauna - why aren't the showers banned?
    2. Given that on a daily basis at least 60 people go swimming, why is it that 0.55% of the visits can restrict the opportunities of the remaining 99.45% of visits? (4 faintings from 720 visits over two weeks)
    3. If the sauna is not for warming up, what is it for?

    I guess we'll just see people shivering more.

  2. I've cut back simply because I'm not sure how long it'll take me to warm through after a swim without the aid of the sauna. I might experiment with not taking a shower until I get to work.
    I look forward to the reopening of the sauna, as much as anything for the social aspect. At least the pool is still open.