Wednesday, 21 May 2014


When I arrived Alfonso was already in the water, so I snapped this pic before joining him for a swift twenty two lengths. The water is now 16°C but I thought it felt warmer.

Alfonso swam on after I finished but I stayed in the water to get some more pictures. It wasn't so crowded this morning, here's Hilary.

Ian and Katherine were doing lengths together, warm enough for Ian not to use his wetsuit!

I'm not sure who the lead swimmer is here? They came swimming across at a diagonal making Ian and Katherine stop in their tracks.

Johnathan leisurely  swimming up and down, he asked me if I'll make a video for a song of his, I think that could take a long time?

Alfonso swimming with a snorkel, I've never used this type of snorkel I'm sure I'd end up turning my head and half drowning myself.

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