Monday, 19 May 2014

Olympus TG-3

What a morning! Warm and sunny, the lido was pretty full. The water is now about 16°C and felt amazing. I had the Olympus TG-3 to test today and I'm very impressed with it too.

Yes it was sunny but the camera is quick and the colour vivid. Fast enough to catch Egg speeding along in his orange shorts and hat combo.

Pip racing with Ian and Dr K both in flippers.

I had done six lengths before Alfonso joined me. The hoover was out again today as well.

This chap was butterflying down the pool. I went on to do twenty two lengths before playing with the camera.

The TG-3 is quite chunky although not as big as the Ricoh WG-4. It has similar strength capabilities and can also go to a depth of 15m.

It has various macro settings but no LED lights like the Ricoh. You can buy an LED attachment and other lens covers/converters for the TG-3 though.

The camera has a wifi link so you can control it from you smartphone or tablet. Once set up this was pretty simple to use and also allows some picture editing and the ability to publish direct to twitter or facebook.

Alfonso racing Dr K, who's going to win?

Ian with flippers and  Pip without a hat, is this an even match?

Nando promotes the cafe. It was a beautiful morning for sitting out and having breakfast but I had to go to work

 There's a 'diorama' setting in the art filters on the Olympus to give that tilt shift look I've been playing with recently.

You can just take the pictures and add the effects with the smart app afterwards as well.

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